How to get a Clear Tamper Token?

STS meter
STS prepayment meter

One of our most read articles is about the clear tamper token. You can read more about STS Payment Metering here or on the official website of the STS Association. The complete STS system is pretty much secure. Only the power companies or utilities can generate tokens for various meter functions. If a meter is in tamper mode, the utility can figure out the reason by simply reading the log-file inside the meter. So there is nothing to worry about.

Nevertheless we are receiving on daily base requests for “Clear Tamper Token”.

For all of you who haven’t read or understood the first paragraph. If your meter is in tamper-mode and you don’t want to contact your power supplier you have the following options:

Try all possible tokens

This will take you about 40 millenniums depending on your input speed. (One millennium is 1,000 years). You better make a list with all combinations first to avoid double entries. Actually the time gets longer because our STS payment meters and most competitor ones have a lock-out after a certain number of wrong attempts.

Consult your local fortune teller

Maybe it helps and he/she comes out with the right token. Most likely you need to consider a service fee.

Use the Magic Random Short Time Token Generator

It generates a Magic Random Short Time Token (MRSTT) and it’s valid for one minute only. We are using a fancy artificial intelligence algorithm. Due to heavy server load during the day we recommend to choose a time between midnight and sun rise. It’s also important that you have a strong believe.
Putting some garlic on the UIU (user interface unit) helps to avoid the vampire radiation.

In the likely event that it doesn’t work you need to contact your power supply company. In addition it’s helpful to read the first paragraph.

Anyway, thank you for reading and good luck. Comments are welcome :)

Summary for those who are to lazy to read the article

Only your local power company or energy provider can generate token for your meter. Don’t ask us or other manufacturers. We can not help you.

If you still like to ask for a clear tamper token, please tell us what happened before the meter show “tamper”.
It will be interesting for our readers and for further evaluations.

223 Replies to “How to get a Clear Tamper Token?”

  1. Can Tamper Tokens expire? In my Country (Nigeria), we have a country home which we visit once or twice a year (several states away from where we live). The meter is well loaded with Power Units but we were told by the rep from the local Power Company that the Tamper Token (here it’s called Tamper Code) has expired.

    Does this Token expire?
    How long does it take the company to generate another? (The rep hasn’t returned even after numerous calls and pleas).

    1. All STS tokens have an expiry date. This is typically half a year, but the utility can extend or limit the time frame. Generating a token needs less than a second depending on the security module for encryption.

    1. Your power company will support you. They need to check the installation and seal the terminal cover in any case.

  2. The face cover of my CL710K22 with meter id P191080421 was not tightly and opened as a result the relay is opened and current is not flowing ,can I get a token to close the relay

    1. You can get the token from your local power supply company only. They need also to come, check and seal the face cover again.

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