LED Information of Energy Meters

Four kinds of LEDs are designed on the face cover of energy meters.
They are two independent pulse LEDs, an alarm LED and a credit LED.

Energy Meter Alarm
CLOU Energy meter LED indicators

Pulse LEDs

There are two independent pulse LEDs for active energy (e.g. 1000 imp/kWh) and reactive energy (1000 imp/kvarh).
Both LEDs are in red color, and flash according to the energy pulse output, and the pulse width is 35 ms by default.

Alarm LED

Alarm event/LED statusRemark
No alarm/OffNone
Serious abnormal event detected (high priority)/Flash
(2 Hz)
1. External battery exhausted
2. External battery low
3. Not calibrated
4. High temperature abnormality
(> 80 ℃)
5. Open main cover
6. Open terminal cover
7. Open module cover
8. Magnetic field disturbance
Normal abnormal event detected (low priority)/Flash
(0.5 Hz)
Current unbalance

Credit LED

The credit LED indicates in red or green. If the credit LED indicator is off, it means no power in the grid.
For example, in the prepaid mode:

  • Remaining credit ≥ 20 kWh, the credit indicator keeps lighting in green;
  • 20 kWh > remaining credit ≥ 10 kWh, the credit indicator keeps lighting in red;
  • 10 kWh > remaining credit ≥ 5 kWh, the credit indicator blinks in red;
  • 5 kWh > remaining credit >0 kWh, the credit indicator blinks in red with audio alert accompanied;
  • Remaining credit is deducted to 0 kWh, the relay will switch off, and the credit indicator keeps lighting in red with audio alert accompanied.

The LED information cited above takes energy meter CL710K22 as the example.
For CLOU energy meters, LED information is customized in different projects according to the requirements and needs of customers.

LED Indication of Communication Modules

Meanwhile, for some energy meters with communication modules, the following LED information is provided.

  • Comm. LED1 – indicates NIC (network interface card) communication status
    The LED is flashing when there is data transmission between the NIC and network.
  • Comm. LED2 – indicates the power status of NIC
    The LED is lighting when power supply to the NIC is available, and off when power supply is down.

Editor's note: This article was originally published in June 2022 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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