Ultrasonic Welding for CLOU Meters

CLOU energy meters have ingress protection against dust and water, as well as tamper protection. For tamper protection, some energy meters use ultrasonic welding.
Actually, these meters use ultrasonic welding in two parts. The two integrated display areas use ultrasonic welding to glue to meter cover.
Another part is the special profile of meter cover and meter base that enables the two to connect each other.
It is impossible for users to open our ultrasonic welding meters. Otherwise, the plastic will get broken if users open them in force.

Application of ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic applies in a very wide range, as we know, such as in medical science and military. In fact, it is also used in the industry.
Cars, home appliance, packing and toys also use ultrasonic welding machines.
The range of ultrasonic welding includes welding, embedding, molding, riveting, spot welding, and shaking off.

Conception and Definition

Ultrasonic refers to frequency (sound), a sound beyond the range of human's auditory sense, usually from 15,000 times to 40,000 times per second.
Ultrasonic welding defines that surfaces of two objectives rub each other to combine by molecular to molecular under the condition of pressure to which high frequency vibration wave convey.


It transforms high frequency electronic energy into high frequency mechanical vibration by using an energy converter.
Ultrasonic welding enables plastics and plastics, or plastics and metal contact to meld by high-speed heat rubbing of about 10,000 time/s.
The high-speed heat rubbing comes from high frequency vibration of 10,000 time/s.
There are two welding methods: direct welding and conduction welding.


  • It can weld thermoplastic, except thermoform.
  • It can weld on adjoining plane via water, oil and other medium.
  • Ultrasonic welding is very safe, unlike chemical doles that produce poison.

Main Components

  • Cylinder
  • Air pressure meter
  • Transducer base
  • Amplitude rod
  • Welding head


In a normal process, there are three steps to welding a meter, such as welding, delaying, and holding, as shown in the below video. The machine welds the meter for one second with a "ZZZ" sound, then holds it to delay for one second.

An Ultrasonic Welding Machine for Making CLOU Energy Meters

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Editor's note: This article was originally published in July 2021 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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