Pairing of a User Interface Unit with a Meter

A user interface unit (UIU) is a remote access terminal for STS prepayment meters. The device is placed inside the user's premises, while the energy meter is mounted outside and mostly not direct accessible. Some meter manufacturers are using the term customer interface unit (CIU). The functions are the same.

The main purpose is to charge the meter with credit. By various short-codes, it's possible to do many kinds of queries for meter status and consumption. The short codes are not unified, so refer to your user manual for operation.

UIUs are paired with the energy meter when leaving our factory. Depending on the utility order, CLOU interface units are communicating with the meter by radio frequency (RF), power line (PLC) or by wired RS-485.

User Interface Unit

If the UIU is not communicating with the energy meter, you can pair it again by typing 1593570 and the 11 or 13 digit meter number, then press the enter key (red or blue). The meter number is printed on the meter and on your customer card, which you use to buy credit.
After successful pairing, the display will show OK.
Note: This is only working for CLOU energy meters.

There can also be other reasons for a communication fail. If the UIU is connected by power line and you are disconnected, batteries need to be inserted in the UIU to recharge the meter or query the status. If this meter is in tamper mode, a recharge is impossible before clearing the tamper.

Editor's note: This article was originally published in August 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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  1. What will happen if the CIU is disconnected while power is beiing consumed
    or asked differently ,is it possible to steal power at the output terminals of the meter

    1. I can only comment for CLOU prepaid meters. You can disconnect the UIU (CIU) at any time. It's only a display device. The real metering and credit deduction is handled inside the meter.

    1. I have a question sir,my meter was installed on top on the pole but I was not given my user interface unit but I know the meter number can I use other user interface unit to feed tocken to my meter and have power in my house

  2. How can i pair UIU with my new meter in Kenya for the first use because when i tried to load the token it shows 00

    1. CLOU UIUs are paired upon delivery. In case someone has mixed up the UIU, please follow the instructions in this article.

    1. The specified maximum ranges for CLOU meters are:
      RF (radio frequency communication): 200 m
      FSK (power line): 150 m
      G3-PLC (power line): 1000 m

  3. Hi, I lost my UIU and don't have power in the house, can I use my neighbours UIU to input token.
    I have tried several times but ni response.

    1. If the meters are the same, you can do that. I assume the meter is connected to the UIU by power line. You borrow the neighbour UIU, put new batteries inside, plug it in at your home, pair it with your meter and use the credit token for your meter.
      After that, your neighbour needs to pair the UIU with his meter again.

    2. Yes metres are the same but when I use the code 1593570 the UIU doesn't pair it displays 'Ol'

    3. This looks fine. The UIU seems to be paired. The message 'OI" means OK, the seven segment display can not display a real 'K'.

    4. Thanks I'm following.
      But I the UIU doesn't display the status of the meter i.e remaining units. It displays 0kph.
      Further, I'm unable to load token.
      What am I supposed to do after it displays OK?

    5. When the UIU displays 0 kph it's most likely not a CLOU UIU. I suggest you contact your local power supplier.

    6. If the meter is in tamper mode could I still be receiving power in my house.? Am asking like this because my UIU is not able to add tokens to the meter. It pairs well using the code 1593570 and says OK. The green light is not blinking. What could be the problem

    7. When an STS meter is in tamper mode, it disconnects the power. Which message do you get on the display when you enter the credit token?

  4. Pls sir am using hexing energy,and al of a suden when the light come it on and went off instantly sir pls help

    1. You need to contact your power supplier. We are not supporting Hexing energy meters.

  5. Hi! Pls each time I tried to input my token the first 20 digits it displayed AAAAAAAA, same thing goes to the second token I do t know what to do again? We just bought the prepaid meter and my energy will soon go off I have just 3.60 kWh now….. CONLOG brand pls it urgent sir

    1. We don't have the related CONLOG documentation, so we can't support you. You need to contact your power supply company.

  6. I was unable to pair my CIU with the meter. Responding FAILED. How can I get over that. Thanks.

    1. The CLOU UIUs do not response with FAILED. We suppose the CIU is from another manufacturer. You need to contact your power supply company.

    2. My ciu display 00kph far right and 007 on the left side what's the logic?

    3. The CIU (UIU) can display various information. The left side shows the actual short code, the right side the value. For CLOU meters by default, the code 007 is shown. This is the code for remaining credit. Your actual remaining credit is 0 kWh.

  7. Hi am from Kenya…. There is a problem we are experiencing with your energy meters the 54…….. series meter not communicating with CIU but the same CIU is pairing with other meters…. kindly how should we troubleshoot such a malfunction

    1. Hi Francis, thanks for your comment. Actually it's not a malfunction. The meter type CL710K11 with serial numbers starting from 54 is operating with the G3-PLC. This was requested some years ago by Kenya Power in preparation for AMI solutions. This is an advanced carrier functionality working on a different principle.
      For troubleshooting make sure that the installed meter type is matching with the meter type information on the UIU (printed below the UIU display)

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