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Pairing of a User Interface Unit with a Meter

A user interface unit (UIU) is a remote access terminal for STS prepayment meters. The device is placed inside the user’s premises, while the energy meter is mounted outside and mostly not direct accessible. Some meter manufacturers are using the term customer interface unit (CIU). The functions are the same.

The main purpose is to charge the meter with credit. By various short-codes, it’s possible to do many kinds of queries for meter status and consumption. The short codes are not unified, so refer to your user manual for operation.

UIUs are paired with the energy meter when leaving our factory. Depending on the utility order, CLOU interface units are communicating with the meter by radio frequency (RF), power line (PLC) or by wired RS-485.

User Interface Unit

If the UIU is not communicating with the energy meter, you can pair it again by typing 1593570 and the 11 digit meter number, then press the enter key (red or blue). The meter number is printed on the meter and on your customer card, which you use to buy credit.
After successful pairing, the display will show OK.
Note: This is only working for CLOU energy meters.

There can also be other reasons for a communication fail. If the UIU is connected by power line and you are disconnected, batteries need to be inserted in the UIU to recharge the meter or query the status. If this meter is in tamper mode, a recharge is impossible before clearing the tamper.

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Pairing of a User Interface Unit with a Meter
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    1. If it’s a CLOU user interface unit (UIU) for the same meter type and provided by the same power company, it will match.

    1. Most utilities keep the meter serial number as part of the account number. The meter serial number is printed on your meter. You can also find it on the user card. You can check the whole account number only with your power company.

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